College and Diapers

February 28, 2010

My life as a College diaper boy is exciting to say the least. I am a sophomore and recently bought diapers for the first time in College. As a Freshman I was way to scared to even think about wearing diapers here. Not to mention the whole roommate situation doesn’t really pan out for someone who is trying to hide a diaper fetish. So this year I have a single in the dorms all by myself. My girlfriend lives downstairs and I have a great view of Portland from my room. I bought diapers off the internet for the first time in my life. I was so excited and scared when they came! I couldn’t wait to wear them and use them :). When I took out the crinkly adult diaper I felt like I was really living the fetish lifestyle I constantly think about. It was my first taste of real life on my own. My privacy I had sought out for so long has finally paid off! Since I bought these diapers for myself I’ve had wonderful nights and mornings waking up in my homemade onesie. This past weekend I woke up in a fairly dry diaper and then realized how sunny it was outside! So when I was still lying in bed i opened up my blinds and curled up in my blanket right next to my window. College is wonderful!

One Response to “College and Diapers”

  1. clairodon Says:

    lucky boy

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